Terms of Use


Last update: 10 March 2024 

 These Terms of Use ("Terms") set forth the terms for the User's use of the Trustee Plus and other services in accordance with Terms. 

Please, read these Terms carefully before using the Trustee Plus. By accessing or using the Trustee Plus, You agree to comply with these Terms and other policies and notices, including any future сhanges. If You do not agree to these Terms of Use and other connected policies and notices, do not use the Trustee Plus.


You certify that You are an authorized representative of the legal entity or an individual over the age of 18 and are authorized to enter into this Agreement. The Trustee Plus is intended solely for use by individuals over the age of 18 or by legal entities. The use of the Trustee Plus by minors is prohibited, and we are not responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of the Trustee Plus by minors.


We don't provide investment or consulting advice of any kind, and are not responsible for the use or interpretation of information on Trustee Plus or any other communication medium. All Users of Trustee Plus must understand the risks involved in Virtual Assets trading, and are recommended to exercise prudence and trade responsibly within their own capabilities.


Trustee Plus implements different types of programs, for example: referral programs, bonus programs, and other community activities, including but not limited to, raffles. Trustee Plus leaves the right to change the conditions of these programs anytime and without prior notice.


  1. List of terms

1.1. Trustee Plus means the software that provides all services listed in this Terms of Use. The Trustee Plus website is https://trusteeglobal.com   

1.2. Virtual Assets means cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, digital assets, cryptoassets or another similar term describing, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum or other assets.

1.3. User Account means a personal or a corporate account, registered by a User to access Services. 

1.4. AML Policy means rules of conduct aimed at the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing, developed by the Company in accordance with the Applicable Law, which construes an integral part of the Terms. 

1.5. User (you) - a natural person or legal entity, which uses the Trustee Plus.

1.6. Fiat money means currency issued by the government, designated as legal tender at the legislative level in the country of issue and suitable for exchange with each other.

1.7. Request - means an expression of Your intention to use one of the services offered by the Trustee Plus, by filling in the electronic form in Trustee Plus, on the terms described in this Agreement and specified in the parameters of the Request itself. 


  1. Services 

2.1. Trustee Plus provides services through these operating entities, except for Payment card service as specified in clause 2.1.3.

       2.1.1. Hosted wallet service and Virtual Assets services,  such as deposits, storage, exchanges or transfers and other transactions between Virtual assets, are provided by MikePay LTD (company, registered in Republic of Seychelles, company number 238574).

       2.1.2. Exchange services from Virtual Assets to Fiat assets and vice versa, and all other services, unless otherwise provided for in the Terms, are provided by UAB Trustee Global (a company registered in Lithuania, code 306099031).

       2.1.3. Payment card service is provided by Quicko sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Tarnowskie Góry, ul. Sienkiewicza 49, 42-600 Tarnowskie Góry, Poland, https://www.quicko.pl/ . By using this service, You accept Quicko sp. z o.o. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 


2.2. Subject to Applicable Law, we reserve the right to suspend, restrict or terminate Your access to any or all of our Services and to suspend, restrict or deactivate Your User Account, including without limitation:

       2.2.1. where it is our reasonable opinion that we are required to do so by Applicable Law or any court or other adjudicating authority to which we are subject in any jurisdiction;

       2.2.2. upon reasonable suspicion that You may be in breach of these Terms or are otherwise trying to circumvent these Terms such as abusing any of our incentive schemes;

       2.2.3. upon reasonable suspicion that a transaction is fraudulent;

       2.2.4. upon reasonable suspicion that Your User Account has been compromised or the Services are being used in a fraudulent or unauthorized manner;

       2.2.5. upon reasonable suspicion of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud or any other financial crime; or

       2.2.6. upon reasonable suspicion that You are conducting any fraudulent or illegal activities.

2.3. You agree that the Company specified in clause 2.1.1 of these Terms to store all Virtual Assets, including those Virtual Assets that are obtained as a result of exchange services from Fiat money to Virtual Assets that are provided or will be provided in the future by the Company specified in clause 2.1.2 of these Terms. In doing so, You agree that ultimately Company specified in clause 2.1.2 of these Terms will remain responsible for the safekeeping of the aforementioned Virtual Assets that are obtained as a result of exchange services from Fiat money to Virtual Assets. 

2.4. You authorize the Company specified in clause 2.1.1 of these Terms to take all necessary actions, including, but not limited to, opening User account in your name on its platform. You agree to have the balance of your Virtual Assets reflected on your Trustee Plus balance.

2.5 You agree that the Virtual Assets that are transferred or will be transferred to the Company specified in clause 2.1.1 according these Terms will be treated as fungible with those Virtual Assets of other Users that are also held in the Company specified in clause 2.1.1.   You grant to Company specified in clause 2.1.2 the right to share to the Company specified in clause 2.1.1 all necessary information for purposes of fulfillment of these Terms. You agree that Company specified in clause 2.1.1 and the Company specified in clause 2.1.2 are responsible for storing and processing the user’s personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection EU.

  1. Time of entry into force. Amendments

3.1. As soon as You click “Agree”, the Terms will enter into force.  By this, You certify that You have read and agreed with these Terms, Privacy Policy, AML Policy and other policies and notices as well.

3.2. We reserve the right, at any time, to change, update, supplement or terminate these Terms. Any such changes will be effective upon posting on the website. The effective date at the top of the Terms informs You of the latest version of the Terms. We recommend that You periodically review these Terms of Use for changes. 

3.3. Your continued use of the Trustee Plus constitutes your acceptance of the Terms, Privacy Policy, AML Policy and other policies and notices  as well as all changes. If You do not agree with these Terms, Privacy Policy, AML Policy and other policies and notices and all  changes, You are not allowed to use the Trustee Plus.


  1. User Account

4.1. In order to use all functions of the Trustee Plus, You have to register a User Account and pass through the identification procedure. When registering a User Account you agree to provide required personal information for identity verification. Such information will be used to verify Users’ identity.    

4.2. You can make a transaction/s for an amount not exceeding 700 euros without establishing a business relationship and identification procedure. 

4.3. When registering an Account, You warrant that all information, submitted by You is accurate, valid, up-to-date, and complete. The Company may at any time request You to provide additional documents and information and/or updated documents and/or information and documents submitted before and reserves the right to do so at its sole discretion. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in temporary or permanent cessation of Services provision and/or Account suspension.

4.4. You may create Your unique User Account name (nickname). If a nickname violates copyrights or other rights of Third Parties, or  the legislation, we have the right to refuse to register a User Account with this nickname.

4.5. By signing up to use the Trustee Plus Services, You represent and warrant that:

       4.5.1. You are at least 18 years old or are of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable laws (for individuals);

       4.5.2. You have the capacity to enter into a legally binding contract and use the Website, and are not prohibited to do so and use the Services by the Applicable Law or any other laws that may apply;

       4.5.3. You have not been previously suspended or removed from using Services; 

       4.5.4. You do not currently have an Account;

       4.5.5. Your use of Services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to You, including but not limited to regulations on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorist financing;

       4.5.6. You are residing or incorporated in countries and territories we support and are not a citizen and/or resident of any country which are included in the sanctions lists. 

4.6. You can have only one User Account. You are not allowed to create more than one User Account in the Trustee Plus. You can open one or more subaccounts under the main User Account. 

4.7. Any User may be denied to provide the Service at our discretion in case of any suspicion that the activities carried out by the User are aimed at money laundering, terrorist financing and any illegal activity, and / or are in any way undesirable and unsuitable for us.

4.8. In the case it is detected that there hasn’t been any transactions in a User’s account in a one year period, the User is subject to charges and freezing of their account as specified below. Trustee Plus firstly informs the User of the upcoming changes in their account. If no change is noticed in the activity of the account, the User’s account is then freezed and an amount equivalent to 20 USDT is charged monthly. If there’s insufficient funds or the funds in the account run out, the fee is not imposed anymore. In the event that after Trustee Plus notifies the User of the charges, the User starts regularly using their account, the fee is not evoked. 

  1. Using the Trustee Plus

5.1. Initiation of the Service and management of the Service process is carried out by You by creating a Request via the Trustee Plus. 

5.2. The management of the Service process or obtaining information is carried out  by means of the corresponding user interface of the Trustee Plus.    

5.3. Hosted Wallets Service. By providing a Hosted Wallet Service (hereinafter the Wallet Service or Wallet), we provide You with a digitally secured custodial Wallet for Virtual assets, aimed to store, transfer and make other transactions with Virtual Assets. Wallet Service provides integration between different providers and blockchain, allowing Users to perform a wide range of actions with Virtual Assets. The Wallet Service allows the use of payment methods: replenishment and withdrawal in Fiat Money.

5.4. Deposits, withdrawals, exchanges and transfers of Virtual Assets are conducted on the basis of Requests that are placed by Users according to these Terms. These transactions may be delayed due to errors in the Blockchain networks or other unforeseen factors that are beyond our control.  We will use our best efforts to resolve the situation and conduct the transactions as quickly as possible.   

5.5. Such transactions as deposits, withdrawals, exchanges and transfers of  Virtual Assets cannot be cancelled. Once Transaction Details have been sent to the Virtual Asset Network, we cannot cancel or otherwise modify Your Transaction or Transaction Details.

5.6. Before using the Services, You have to deposit Virtual assets to Your User Account.

5.7. You can withdraw Virtual assets at any time at Your sole discretion subject to limits, provided there are enough Virtual Assets to cover the applicable Fees.

5.8. You are solely liable for the accuracy of information required for carrying out a transfer, withdrawal and other transaction (i.e. addresses, tags and any other required credentials). We strongly advise You to always double-check the accuracy of information provided by You for getting Services.

5.9. You also acknowledge that the transfer of any Virtual Assets to an incorrect address or the transfer of any type of Virtual Asset that is not supported by the Trustee Plus will result in the irreversible loss of such Virtual Assets. We shall bear no liability for any such loss of Virtual Assets.

5.10. Conducting transactions in the Trustee Plus is subject to certain Fees, which may be debited from Your User Account.  

5.11. In order to prevent unauthorized use of Trustee Plus, You agree not to leave Your phone/device which You use to access Trustee Plus unattended. 

5.12. You have access to Your User Account only through the methods that You used when registering Your User Account.

5.13. If you lose access to your phone/device or Your User Account, you must notify us immediately. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the safety of your assets.     

5.14. If You lose Your phone/device and/or access to Your phone number and/or email address, in order to restore access to Your User Account, You should contact Trustee Plus Support, go through the identification process and provide all proof that the phone/device and/or phone number and/or email address belong to You. We reserve the right to deny restoration of access to Your Account in cases where the evidence provided is insufficient. 

5.15. Blockchain networks are decentralized peer-to-peer networks that are not owned, controlled or operated by us. You agree and understand that the underlying protocols of the Blockchain networks are subject to bugs, fork, hacker attacks, changes or other unforeseeable influence beyond our control which may result loss of Your Virtual Assets. We cannot be held responsible for such losses.  

5.16. We cannot guarantee that transactions sent by You to provide one of the Services will be validated on the applicable Network.  You agree and understand that the transactions You send may not be validated or may be materially delayed by the relevant Virtual Currency Network used to process the transaction.

5.17. We cannot guarantee the execution of the Request under the Initial Terms in the event that Your transaction has been delayed by the relevant Virtual Currencies network used to process the transaction.

5.18. We provide you with a wide range of Virtual Assets. At the same time, we reserve the right to terminate support for any Virtual Asset (delisting) and notify You via the Website and Trustee Plus.  You will have one month from the date of such notification to withdraw such Virtual Assets. In case if after the mentioned term expiry funds are not withdrawn, such funds will be irretrievably lost and will not be subject to recovery / refund / compensation to the User.


  1. Obligations and Liability 

6.1. You use the Trustee Plus at Your own discretion and responsibility. 

6.2. The Trustee Plus is provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis.

6.3. You are responsible for the security of Your passwords and we cannot be held responsible for their loss by You or any unauthorized access to Your assets which may result from such loss.  We cannot be held responsible for any harm caused to You as a result of phishing attacks. 

6.4. You are responsible for any harm caused by Your actions.   

6.5. You are obliged:

       6.5.1. to be in compliance with the laws of the country in which You reside and with Your obligations under these Terms and Conditions;

       6.5.2. to provide the safety of all data required to access Your User Account; 

       6.5.3. keep away unauthorized actions of Third Parties and prevent Your loss of the data required to access Your account; 

       6.5.4. do nothing that may pose a threat to the normal operation of the Service;

       6.5.5.  do not distribute any information and/or computer programs which contain computer viruses or other dangerous components equivalent to them;

       6.5.6. not to endanger the property, health and safety of countries, individuals and legal entities.

       6.5.7. not to engage in illegal or fraudulent operations.  


6.6. We are not responsible for:

       6.6.1. the accuracy of the data transmitted by You;

       6.6.2. interruptions or lack of access to the Trustee Plus, if any, through no fault of ours;

       6.6.3. any act or omission by You, as well as acts or omissions by third parties; 

       6.6.4. power failures, data transmission or connectivity problems, or Internet access, which are not attributable to us;

       6.6.5. infringement of Third Parties' rights as a result of Your actions while using the Service;

       6.6.6. loss of data required to access a User Account. 


6.7. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, data, goodwill, business interruption, any other commercial or intangible losses resulting from:

       6.7.1. Your use of the Trustee Plus;

       6.7.2. unauthorized access, use, or alteration of Your transactions or content, if such unauthorized access by Third Parties occurred as a result of Your actions (inaction). 

6.8. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to securities and financial markets laws, anti-money laundering and anti-counterfeiting laws, consumer protection laws, and financial laws. We will not be liable for any violations of law by You.


  1. Sanctions policy

7.1. If You are resident or registered in a country that is included in international sanctions lists and/or the use of the Services contradicts the laws of the country where You are resident/registered, You are not allowed  to use the Trustee Plus.  


  1. Force Majeure

8.1. You agree that Trustee Plus will not be liable for delays, performance failures or service interruptions which result directly or indirectly from any cause or condition beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to any delay or failure due to any act of God, act of civil or military authorities, act of terrorists, civil disturbance, war, strike or other labor dispute, fire, interruption in telecommunications or internet services or network provider services, failure of equipment and/ or software, other catastrophe, or any other occurence which is beyond our reasonable control.


  1. Intellectual property right

9.1. All text, graphics, patents, editorial content, data, formatting, graphics, drawings, HTML, images, software and other content of the API, the Website, etc. (Collectively, "Proprietary Material") that You see or read on the Site belong to us.

9.2. Proprietary Material is protected. 


  1. Termination of Terms 

10.1. The Agreement shall continue for as long as You have a Trustee Plus account.

10.2. You can terminate these Terms of Use and close Your User Account at any time at Your sole discretion.

10.3. Before closing Your User Account, all Your assets have to be withdrawn to external wallets. Once the User Account is closed in a normal regime and without violation of these Terms of Use, the User will have 10 (ten) business days from the date of submission of the User Account cancellation request to withdraw all funds from the User Account. In case if after the mentioned term expiry funds won't be withdrawn, such funds will be irretrievably lost and will not be subject to recovery / refund / compensation to the User.

10.4. Your relationship with us and Your use of the Trustee Plus may be subject to the laws, regulations and rules of governmental or regulatory authorities in Your or our jurisdiction ("Applicable Law"). By entering into this agreement, You agree to act in compliance with and be legally bound by any applicable law.